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We are a business consultancy and design agency specializing in dynamic custom presentations. We create presentations that pack a punch, helping you sink your teeth into new business opportunities. 



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Our mission will always be to apply our presentation expertise to our client’s fluency in their brand story as we collaboratively craft cutting edge pitch decks and presentations that compellingly communicate a vision that inspires potential investors and buyers only to fear missing an opportunity.



How we Started

As venture capitalists, we were always looking for potential projects for which we could answer a financial problem. However, after seeing presentation after pitch deck with lackluster visuals and insufficient data, we realized that the way businesses sought financial backing needed to change drastically if companies wanted to be successful. Disillusioned but determined, we decided to do what we did best: provide solutions. In 2010, we established SlideSharks to shift the tide for capital-seeking businesses. We joined with top-tier executives, entrepreneurs, analysts, copywriters, editors, and designers specializing in pitch decks to construct a streamlined, powerhouse creative process that attacked the unique goals of our clients.

How it's going

Based in New York City but maintaining international reach, SlideSharks designs outside the box and traverses the industry spectrum, offering dependable and responsive service to businesses ranging from budding entrepreneurs and small companies to multinational corporations. Over the years, we’ve been privileged to come alongside some of the world’s most prominent brands to help them create innovative presentations that have raised millions in capital.


We create powerhouse presentations to ensure that businesses continue sharpening their teeth in their respective industries, and we work tirelessly until they win.

Concept Consultation and Cultivation

We take pride in cultivating both dynamic content and relationships with our clients. During the initial concept consultation phase, we take time to delve into the soul of your personal or professional brand to understand more fully the essence of your vision. We work with you to select the color schemes, typography, imagery, and written content that resonate most with your unique story and style. We also can assist you with wordsmithing and refining existing content or creating new material. Afterward, you’ll journey through our concept cultivation process where we’ll collaboratively preview sample designs and establish the most effective direction for your full presentation.

Content Creation

We strive to accurately convey your goals, objectives, and voice. Working as a relentless team, we will infuse your content with our knowledge of presentation structure, delivery, and psychology to ensure that your audience is both captivated and convinced. Throughout this concept construction stage, you’ll have the opportunity to blend your ideas with ours and review the cadence of the presentation so that we can clearly show your audience not only the significance of your pitch but also its relevance to them.

Calibration & Implementation

We love putting the finishing touches on your presentations. In this exciting concept calibration phase of the process, your presentation comes to life as we fine tune the visuals to align cohesively with your message and brand story. To maximize your audience’s understanding, we keep the visuals simple and clear by reducing clutter and drawing your attention to what matters most. At the end of this creative journey, you will be left with a pitch deck that impresses and inspires your audience as it equips and empowers you to be a more confident and persuasive presenter.


Connect with the SHarks

Connect with the SHarks