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Don’t let missing pieces sink your ship. We understand that a strong strategy can make or break your business. That’s why we offer supplemental services to keep you afloat and on course for success. Whether you’re missing a crucial piece of information, or need expert guidance to refine your approach, our team has you covered.

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We Assess

Filling the holes in your data starts with initial consultations where we cultivate our relationship with you and clarify your vision. Are you just starting out and need an ironclad business plan, or are you an established corporation seeking to refine the vision and expand into new areas? Do you have a strict budget, or are you a  able to splurge Are you looking to raise funding, sell a product or service, or simply wield an aesthetically pleasing and intellectually engaging corporate presentation? Determining these factors equips us to effectively move into the next phase of the process: analyzing your information.

We Analyze

After we evaluate your needs, goals, and budget, we will carefully evaluate your information in order to identify insufficient and/or missing strategic data. After doing so, will determine which of our service solutions will address your specific needs while staying within your price point We then present you with these options and the rationale for their use so that you can choose what best suits both your business objectives and your budget. Once you’ve made your selection, our supplemental consulting team will begin taking next steps such as reviewing your business plan and analyzing current data and trends.

We Apply And Integrate

Once all reviews and data analysis have been completed, finalized data will be given to you in the form of reports, spreadsheets, and/or proformas. This information will also be passed to our design and copywriting teams so that they can integrate the information where appropriate and mold the visuals to align with your overall design concept. Ultimately, we present you with a comprehensive yet concise, engaging, and power-packed final project that you will prepare you to present with boldness.


Add-Ons that give you a competitive edge

Market research

Market Research

Market Size (TAM)
Market Growth Rates & Outlook
Competitive Intelligence
Basis of Competition
Industry Environment
Macro indicators Industry Outlook & Projections
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Pro Forma

Pro Forma

Use of funds
Pro Forma Summary Chart
12 Month & 5 Year- Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow/Income Statement
Financial Indicators
Breakeven Analysis
Financial Highlights
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Business Plans

Business Plans

Business description
Market analysis and strategy
Marketing and sales plan
Competitive analysis
Management and organization description
Products and services description
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