Everything You Need To Know About Investment Bank Pitchbook

We all know that the process of creating a Pitchbook is daunting. This is because most bankers do not know exactly what should go into a Pitchbook and why they should spend so much time on them. Pitchbook.in was thus created with an aim of producing quality content that investment bankers will find helpful.

As an investment banker, you have probably spent a portion of your life pulling together Pitchbooks, but have you ever taken into consideration what really goes into them.  A research was carried out where different bankers were asked what a pitchbook consisted, and from the answers given, it was clear that most of them did not know exactly what should be included in a perfect one.

One might wonder how something so central and common is so difficult to know. The reason behind this is that most bankers answer this question using their own base, and this varies from one person to another. According to a research done by Fix The Pitch, here is what we learned.

  • The average investment banking pitchbook is 42 pages long while most of them have 25 – 100 pages.
  • Approximately 40% of pitchbook material is plain text, 35% is standard content while the remaining 25% is split between custom and semi-structured content.
  • Most investment bankers spent most of their time on pitchbooks and around 30% of the time on standard tables and charts. Surprisingly, for full-time employees of KPO, that number hit over 90%.

Types of Pitchbooks

There are lots of pitchbook types and subtypes, but 99% of your work in PowerPoint falls in one of these categories.

  1. Bank Introductions / Marketing Overviews – Introducing your bank to potential clients and giving them updates.
  2. Deal Pitches – Buy-side and Sell-side M&A, debt issuance, IPOs, etc.
  3. Management Presentations – Pitching your client to investors once you have actually won the client.

Pitchbooks in Investment Banking: What you should know

Pitch books are marketing devices

Pitch books are used by investment banks around the world to market themselves to potential clients. They are indispensable to these banks while still marketing themselves to potential clients.

The investment action should be well clarified

A pitch book should have a proper analysis of all the investment actions of the potential or current client of the bank. It should also be crafted in a way that it’s successful in making a good deal with potential clients.

Contributors of Pitchbook

Most contributors of investment bank help in preparing the pitchbook. They include vice-president, senior vice president, associate, analyst, the managing director, and the lead of the team.


While you may be strongly of the opinion that pitchbooks are secondary to the banker’s main role (executing deals) and that they be given less attention with respect to flow, style and visual look , the thing is – getting an opportunity to execute deals, you have to win the pitch and to do that, you need a perfect pitchbook. For information or queries about pitchbooks, contact us.