Unique Ideas For A PowerPoint Presentation

Some PowerPoint presentations are way better than others. Remarkable presentations have either awesome designs, fantastic actionable takeaways, or strong advice. But the best presentations have all the three.

We understand that coming up with unique and creative ideas which capture the attention of an audience is very important. That is why we are sharing some creative ideas to make your PowerPoint presentation amazing.

Use Visuals – Less Bullet Points

If you cannot use a lot of bullet points to summarize your PowerPoint presentation, use lots of visuals. Charts, pies, and graphs that illustrate your points and emphasize them is a good move. Moreover, include images which make an impact on your audience and make your presentation memorable.

For example, there is a big difference between stating that your solution can cut the costs by approximately 25% and show how it will do that on a graph with real figures. Also, make sure the visuals are modern.

Add Videos To Your Presentation

Using a video is also highly recommended, however, do not overuse it. When used in important areas, videos enhance the message communicated. Generally, two short videos per presentation are good.

Furthermore, make sure the production value of the video is fantastic. The video used should directly relate to the topic of your presentation. Make sure you are only using videos to add value to your presentation.

Quality Over Quantity

Do not waste the audience’s time with a lot of fluff. Use the PowerPoint slides for quality information only. Less is more. So more words and fluff on your presentations, the higher chances are that the audience will zone out.

Use Props

Props can also be used to spice up a presentation. Ensure the props are relevant, easy to handle and don’t take away from the actual presentation. Practice on using props and know how it will enhance the point you’re trying to convey.

Make The Examples Personal

Another effective presentation idea is personalizing your talk. Whether it is a potential investor, a prospective client, an audience at a conference, you can easily find a way of adjusting and personalizing your presentation to the specific audience. Give examples during your presentation which involve the audience directly and show how your solution will enhance them.

Use FAQs

Use FAQs in strategic parts of your presentation. They let you take a break and field sensible questions which can also add and enhance another dynamic to your presentation. The FAQs also keep the audience engaged to the presentation as they try to field multiple answers to the question asked. However, only use FAQs where it makes sense.

Take advantage of these ideas for enhancing your presentation. Also, for more ideas on improving your presentation, visit www.pitchbook.in